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Like most of my potential clients, you probably want to see what I can do. Well, here are a few samples. Most are in pdf format, so you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your system. If after looking at these electronic versions you want to touch and feel a “real” sample, just send me an e-mail request.

The Kernel Journal
Faribault Foods, Inc.

Because they struggled to get their newsletter out regularly, Faribault Foods called me to take over. That was nearly 10 years ago. I give the company turnkey services. In other words, I interview, research, write, edit, design, format pages and oversee production. I have immense respect for Faribault Foods. It’s a company of integrity. I like the people—they are friendly and helpful—and enjoy working with them.
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faribault foods press release
Faribault Foods, Inc.

As part of its public relations efforts, Faribault Foods asked me to help them place a write-up about the company in the business section of the local newspaper. I researched and wrote the feature, submitted it to the paper and then ensured that it was published.
The Courier
CHS, Inc

CHS, Inc. takes its stewardship responsibilities seriously—so seriously that it publishes a newsletter to provide its people with a better understanding of employee safety and environmental stewardship and compliance. Many of the articles in this newsletter are technical in nature. Some I write, others I rewrite. Some I simply review for clarity, organization, grammar and consistency. When asked what he likes best about the newsletter I develop for CHS, Director of Environmental Affairs Todd King answered, “Overall excellent articles, which are well written for our audience.”
WaterScience Services, Inc.
Mary Darud, WaterScience Services president and owner, asked me to write a direct mail letter she could send to building maintenance firms. Mary is an expert in water treatment equipment, and in the letter we proposed that a partnership with Mary would allow people offering building maintenance to expand their services to their clients. Earlier writing I did for Mary landed a lucrative four-month contract in Phoenix for her. She was pumped! I’ve also helped Mary with press releases about her business.
Lifease/Lutheran Brotherhood

I worked on this project quite a few years ago. I include it, because I enjoyed the work immeasurably and would love to do similar writing. The project began when Lifease and Lutheran Brotherhood (now Thrivent) developed a program to help people, especially seniors, make their homes safer to live in and more functional. The program, called LivAbility, offered personalized suggestions to improve living conditions in response to a submitted questionnaire. I rewrote the suggestions from dry, technical copy. Afterwards Marie Sorenson, the Lutheran Brotherhood project manager, wrote: “Chris took a clinical explanation and made it friendly and readable. What I like best about the copy she writes is that her style is so friendly and conversational.” I enjoyed making this technical subject come to life. I love writing in this style, and I love big projects like this!
Employer’s Advantage
MG Assessments, LLC

I ghost write this e-newsletter for Mary Gorski, President of MG Assessments, LLC.  An expert in corporate human resource management and assessment, she, of course, provides the background information. I have also adapted some newsletter content so Mary could use it as Web, industry trade and newsletter articles. Says Mary, “These articles validate my expertise, and they give my clients something of value free.” One of her readers recently wrote to her about a newsletter on succession management saying, “I loved your article. It totally fit the challenge that we are facing, and I passed it on to my board members so they can have a better understanding of where we are challenged in this specific topic.”
Document Resources

I often design, write and oversee production of brochures. For this Document Resources brochure, however, I simply wrote the copy working with Graphic Design, Inc., a Hastings, Minnesota, printer to develop it for our client.
brochure sample document resources
Marsden Matters
Marsden Bldg. Maintenance

For Marsden Bldg. Maintenance in St. Paul, I developed this bi-monthly newsletter for communicating with the company’s employees. I designed the newsletter template and gave the company “turnkey service” for each issue—even snapped a few photos.

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